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Hailing from Orlando, Florida, MIND OF FURY began their musical journey together in September of 2015; formed by musicians GHEE YEH, HENRY MORENO and MIKE FRANKENBUSH. GHEE YEH moved from Santiago, Chile to the United States in 2012. Upon arriving he recorded an album with NICK Z. MARINO who is the Keyboardist for Yngwie Malmsteen.  Ghee’s style features a unique blend of influences. It has been described as Metallica meets Pantera, meets Yngwie – Big Riffs and Shredding Guitar.


Ghee moved to Central Florida where he met long time touring drummer Henry Moreno, originally from San Jose, CA. (ex IMAGIKA, TAUNTED respectively) Henry toured and recorded for more than 2 decades in the Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene. Once these two connected, they found Chicago native Mike Frankenbush. His thunderous sound, reminiscent of powerful heavy metal hitters solidified the band.  With the chemistry in motion, the 3 decided Ghee would take on vocal duties as well and MIND OF FURY was born.


Soon after, the band wrote, recorded, mastered and released their debut album “Do or Die” in 2016 to much critical acclaim. Which helped to land them as one of Hard Rock’s rising stars with a secured spot at Rocklahoma in 2018.

MOF Signed with RFL Records in February 2019 and released their sophomore album “The Fire” which delivered 3 singles “Let Me Fly”,  “Make A Change” and “Far Away”.


MOF Signed with MK Music USA for Artist Management on May 28, 2021

MOF performed at Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK in September, 2021.


MOF is endorsed by WB Gear, SIT Strings, Sinister Guitar Picks, StoneTone Products, DC Custom Guitars, LizardSpit Guitar Products.


They are currently in studio recording  another studio album and working on performances across Florida and South Georgia.


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Nolan Hodges

Artist Manager/Booking


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