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The Team

Short Introduction


Nolan Hodges

Founder & CEO

100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran with a passion for Rock N Roll and 18 years of Music Industry experience in Artist Management/Booking A&R and Music Project Consulting.


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Gary Koeberl

Artist Manager/Booking Agent

Music Industry Veteran who manages some of the bands on the roster and sources talent for Rock2Stop22 Fest in Wisconsin. Gary manages Left of Reason, Elsie Binx and; Books for Pump5, Circle The Wolves and Generation Landslide. He works the Midwest US from Ohio to Nebraska, down to Oklahoma and Arkansas


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marissa haas1.jpg

Marissa Haas

Booking Agent

Marissa hails from Wichita, KS and has over 2 years of experience booking shows. Currently working tour routing for many of the bands on our roster.

Linda Bonnell

Booking Agent

Linda comes to MK Music with 15 years of experience as a talent buyer for the AM Vets Hall in West Plains, MO. As well she brings a plethora of experience  Managing a venue.



Kris Muse

Artist Manager/Booking Agent

Kris comes to MK Music from Nashville, TN. He's a former Army Special Forces Medic and has worked in the industry in Country and Rock. Kris will be directly managing Undivided Band and booking live shows for MK Music in Nashville, The Carolinas, Kentucky, Georgia and Northern Alabama.


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