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cloZure is a high energy, heavy rock band out of Enterprise, Alabama. Formed in 2012 to fill a heavy rock niche that the South East Alabama area lacked. The band has moved on to develop a full-on rock show that they love to perform. The lineup is: Mike C (Lead/Rhythm Guitars) 2012, Jordan (Lead Vocals) 2018. Matt (Rhythm/Lead Guitars) 2019, Mike M (Drums) 2020, Chris (Bass) 2016. Enjoying great times with local motorcycle clubs and Hell raisers since their inception and set to raise a little more in 2022!! Currently their newest video "The Mask" has reached over 244,000 views on YouTube in just 2 months and their prior release "Vow" has over 627,000 views in 5 months!

CloZure- "Lets rock this Shit"

CloZure is proudly sponsored by WBGear, InTuneGP, Red Cymbals and Scorpion Percussion

For Bookings Contact:

Nolan Hodges

Artist Manager

Gary Koeberl - Midwest

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