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The Next Little Band from Texas!

Preachers of Hell County are an original cross genre musical act with traditional foundations in rock, country, bluegrass, rockabilly and swing to create their own special sub genre we refer to as “Hellbilly”.

Hellbilly combines the traditional practices of flat picking bluegrass, slap style upright bass with the power of modern drumming which can be heard on fan favorites such as “Whiskey from Dixie” or “Soaked in the Blood”. However, this sound goes above and beyond into Psychobilly and Swing in songs like “Preacher’s Daughter” or “Bucktooth Betty”.

But wait, this sound doesn’t stop with the instruments, the icing on the cake is in the vocals. Be it the storytelling in songs such as “Evil Grin” or the sexy and silky singing that make this band stand out in songs like “Down in Texas” or “Angela”. The sound is mature, honed and ready for the big stage.

The Preachers are a group of innovative professionals who have given their lives to their craft. The dedication shows in their work, in the studio, on the stage and in life. They simply love to perform and it shows they’d rather be on stage than anywhere else.

Well, most anywhere else, who would turn down a tropical paradise?

Like anything new, if you are new to the Preachers, new to this sound, it may catch your attention immediately or it may take you a couple of listens to grasp, just give it a fair shake, you’ll come to understand what people see in the Preachers.

Currently recording their 3rd album expected to release spring of 2023, check out their 2nd release “Seven Deadly Songs of Sin” with worldwide distribution through Discmakers/CD Baby, YouTube, Facebook and your favorite music and social media sites.

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Marissa Haas

MK Music USA

Nolan Hodges

MK Music USA

Gary Koeberl

MK Music USA

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