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MK Music USA LLC Introduces Brand New Team!

Fortune Favors the Bold! And sometimes that includes changes. Like MASSIVE Expansion!

Today, MK Music USA LLC is proud to announce that we have a whole new team of Booking Agents and Managers that are going to propel the company exponentially! New shows, new territories, new venues and new opportunities. We will book 1000 shows next year and beyond! Get ready!

The new team at MK Music is:

(From Left to Right)

Ankitha Gopalakrishman - Booking Agent - Los Angeles, CA

Brigitte Krieg - Artist Manager/Booking Agent - Peoria, IL

Brad Lysse' - Booking Agent - Brooklyn, NY

Keirstin Novitski - Booking Agent - Los Angeles, CA

Rob Vandaweile - Booking Agent - Chesterfield, MI

Jessica Rose - Artist Manager/Booking Agent - Grand Rapids, MI

Linda Bonnell - Booking Agent - West Plains, MO

Chrissy Williams - Booking Agent - Evansville, IN

Shirin Bamoradi - National Director of Tribute/Cover Bands - Merced, CA

Nolan Hodges - Founder/CEO/President - Baton Rouge, LA

Come visit us in the "Meet The Team" tab on our website.

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