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Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL and Gonzales, LA, Modern Mimes is a rock band on the move. Literally. From slamming singles like "Seek and Hide", "Portals"  and "Paranoia" to a full blown national tour with CombiChrist; Modern Mimes is growing rapidly with fans across the nation. Their moving documentary "All for 30 Minutes" from SpinStyle Films (Robert Badillo directed) will be seen at the Subculture Film Festival and is an official selection! 

Modern Mimes are: Adi Hernandez - Vox, Ernesto Paez - Guitar/Bass, Justin Perez - Drums

Social Media:

IG: @modernmimes

FB: @modernmimesmusic


Artist Manager: Nolan Hodges

Sync Licensing/Label Inquiries/

Booking Nationally: Nolan Hodges


Booking - Midwest: Gary Koeberl


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