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308 GHOST TRAIN is an original rock act from Cortez, Florida with a sound based in the best of rock’s past and an uplifting and inspiring message for the people of today. We call it “FRESH RETRO”. 308 GHOST TRAIN makes music for music fans of all ages who’ve become disenfranchised with current trends and long for music with more alignment to the mainstream rock genre, music with substance and memorable style. The first EP, “Born In The Wild”, started releasing singles on May 24th, 2019, featuring five songs.  The new EP “Somethin's Goin On” will be releasing singles starting with “Bleed Over Me” on June 3rd 2020.

308 GHOST TRAIN was founded by Multi-Award-winning songwriter and artist Anthony “Train” Caruso, an intense and deeply spiritual performer. He pulled the name 308 GHOST TRAIN, from the Gospel of John 3:08 (“The wind blows where it pleases, no one knows where it comes from and where it is going but its in everyone born of the Spirit”), the Holy Ghost that moves in Caruso’s heart, and the unstoppable vehicle whose name he carries. The music he writes carries a message of inclusion, spirituality, positivity, hope, and patriotism that our world needs and Caruso feels that the wind has been pushing him towards this project his whole life. Even though the backing musicians can vary, The Ghost and Train remain constant. Regardless this versatile outfit has helped 308 GHOST TRAIN draw comparisons to John Fogerty/CCR, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and John Mellencamp. His sound is organic and timeless, built upon artistry and the human experience.

All seasoned professionals the band is built from superior talent! Nate, Ross, and Angel are top notch and Anthony is an electrifying frontman capable of creating an immediate bond with an audience and authentically communicating emotions to his fans. “Our passion for being the vehicle for songs from a divine force is the most humbling and honorable gift in the world,” he says and it’s clear he means it. 308 GHOST TRAIN is growing quickly and magnetizes listeners with a walk back in time that actually leads to a better future for rock music. Get onboard today and stay there.
The band members for the 308 GHOST TRAIN are Anthony “Train” Caruso (Vocals) Ross Kevles (Bass) Angel Soto (Lead Guitar) and Nate Kintner (Drums)

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